E-Commerce Solution in Nigeria - LagosLabs


  • Inventory page in control panel so administrator can quickly see all products in their store, modify prices and stock levels;
  • Stock tracking - you can turn on stock tracking for any specific SKU. This allows per-variation stock control;
  • Easily accept donations;
  • Add multiple products to cart with a single button.


  • Comprehensive order management interface built-in to the control panel;
  • AJAX-driven order filter lets you search orders as you type;
  • Customizable order emails - email templates can include any order data;
  • Custom order statuses - create your own order statuses, and link each to an email template;
  • Exportable order details page, including all order details, status history, payment history, plus the ability to add manual payments and capture pre-auth’d payments.


  • Powerful, extendable payment processing library, with support for manual payments, auth and capture, and processing refunds directly from the control panel;
  • Payment Gateway Support.